Tissue Slice Adapter


An accessory to the Delta T Dish system that supports a section of natural tissue within the focal plane of an objective on an inverted microscope. Adjustable in the Z axis and perfusable.

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The Delta T Tissue Slice Adapter is an accessory designed to support a slice of natural tissue such as bowel, trachea, skin, or other natural tissue at the correct distance relative to the coverslip in the Delta T Dish. The specimen is attached to an aperture so that the specimen is constrained to being flat on a carrier that is Z-axis translatable. This allows the specimen to be adjusted in the Z-axis plane relative to the focal range of the objective. The Delta T System accommodates the fluid, thermal, and optical environment. Therefore, all that needs to be done is to define the tissue on a plane parallel to the coverslip and adjust the position the specimen relative to the objective’s plane of focus.


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