22mm Coverslip Weight

Coverslip weight to hold a 22mm coverslip in place in a Delta T Culture Dish.


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The Coverslip weight is an accessory for Delta T Dishes that enables live cells grown on ordinary 22mm round coverslips to be observed on an upright microscope. It enables cells to rest in a temperature controlled media environment compatible with the use of high or low N.A. objectives on an upright scope. The Dish provides the temperature control. An autoclavable glass spacer ring provides a media filled well and a surface on which the 22mm round coverslip and coverslip weight is placed. Using this method, you can grow cells on inexpensive 22mm coverslips, then observe them on upright microscopes in a high numeric aperture compatible, temperature controlled, fluid environment with conventional objectives on an upright microscope. This method can reduce some of the workload from other live-cell inverted scopes in a facility. This technique provides a cost effective solution for live-cell imaging especially when combined with a time-lapse camera.