Cooling Ring


An autoclavable, flip in, flip out, accessory to the Delta T Dish System whereby an isolated chilled fluid can be circulated within a Delta T dish to remove heat and cool the dish below ambient.

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The Bioptechs Cooling Ring is an accessory to the Delta T Dish that positions a tubular, stainless steel ring containing a circulated chilled fluid to absorb heat from the specimen. The ring is a physical barrier between chilled fluid passing through the ring and the fluid surrounding the specimen. This cooling ring is made of 304 stainless steel and provides the microscopist with a convenient and inexpensive method of reducing the temperature of specimens in Delta T Culture Dishes. The cooling ring is supported on the stage adapter by a hinge mechanism that translates along with the dish. It is easily flipped out of the way to enable easy exchange of dishes in the stage adapter.


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