Cooled FCS2 (CFCS2)

Has the same optical and specimen accommodations as the standard FCS2 but is modified to include fluid ports in the base to accommodate the circulation of an external refrigerant.


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Cells in the FCS2 are encased in an optical cavity bounded by the coverslip and the Microaqueduct Slide.  The flow of a coolant is facilitated above and in contact with the Microaqueduct Slide which shares physical and thermal contact from the specimens in the optical cavity. This accessory enables the FCS2 with its perusable, laminar flow optical cavity and user definable flow characteristics to be used for applications where the specimen temperature needs to be below ambient.

Coolant circulation:

Gravity, by means of a siphon or an electric circulating pump is then used to create a flow of chilled fluid through the heat exchange cavity in the chamber (the space in-between the Microaqueduct Slide and the glass window of the FCS2 Cooling Adapter). The cells remain safely enclosed in a separate optical enclosure. If more thermal transfer is necessary, tubing can be installed into the FCS2 base (CFCS2 Link).  An optional recirculating chiller unit is also available with a temperature range of 0 to 45 degree C.

Note: If you are using high N.A. objectives at below ambient temperatures, it will be necessary to cool the objective and thermally isolate the objective from the scope. The optional Thermal Isolator is necessary so that when cooling the objective, heat is also not pulled through the nosepiece causing further stress on the objective.  It will also prevent condensation from forming on the lower element of the objective because a gas port is provided to purge the adapter with dry air. An anti-reflection coated window optimized for 340-700nm seals the bottom of the adapter.
Cooling Collar and Isolator link.