No-Heat Flow Cell (FCS2)


Has the same optical and specimen accommodations as the standard FCS2 without temperature control.

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The Focht Chamber System 2 (FCS2®) is a closed system, live-cell micro-observation chamber that utilized several patented technologies that offer several exclusive advantages over other chambers. In addition to its uniform temperature control and user definable perfusion capability, it is fully compatible with all modes of microscopy. It is also the only chamber to combine high-volume laminar flow perfusion rates with Koehler illumination and precise temperature control without the need for an air curtain. This is accomplished by the development of micro aqueduct perfusion. A method of introducing media into a fluid optical cavity where the separation of optical surfaces and flow geometry is definable by the user. Therefore, the chamber is adaptable to the protocol instead of having to adapt the protocol to the chamber.

The FCS2 is a flow cell or flow chamber that is designed specifically for the demands of today’s live-cell imaging requirements. It has limitless flow characteristics because its flow geometry can easily be customized by the user. It provides the ability to configure the optical cavity to produce control shear forces, flow characteristics, high or low volume exchange rates, near laminar flow, and anything in between. The most important feature of the FCS2, other than unequalled temperature uniformity, is that the is flow of media is constrained to a precise location over the cells. Open dish type chambers do not provide the flow capabilities of the FCS2. The FCS2 provides unmatched, uniform temperature control, in a user configurable, perfusable, optical imaging cavity.

Microaqueduct Perfusion:
A fluid pathway is formed by separating the Microaqueduct Slide from the coverslip containing cells with a single silicone gasket. This gasket can be any thickness from 50 micron to 1mm and any lateral geometry you choose or create. This arrangement allows the user to define the flow characteristics. Therefore, you are not limited by the geometry of the optical cavity. Instead you select or create it! Fluid access to this flow channel is made through two 14-gauge needle stock tubes protruding from the sides of the chamber top. These tubes provide fluid connection to two perfusion holes in the Microaqueduct Slide that interface two “T” shaped grooves cut into the inner surface of the Microaqueduct Slide. The “T” groove allows the media to seek the path of least resistance and become nearly laminar before flowing across the cells. This technique eliminates the need for the metal perfusion ring and additional gaskets, which are the limiting factors, required by most conventional chambers.

Flow Characteristics:

The flow cell is easily modified with a variety of gasket geometries (see additional gaskets above for a few samples), and a gasket thicknesses ranging from 0.1mm to 1mm. If the entire scope is in an environmental enclosure or, doesn’t need temperature control, the FCS2 is available in the following configuration and provides a substantial savings without the temperature control:

FCS2 Chamber Gasket Guide


The FCS2 inverted microscope closed system chamber without intrinsic heating capability contains:

  • 1 FCS2 Chamber*
  • 5 Microaqueduct Slides non-coated (no ito)
  • 30 piece gasket set
  • 50 coverslips

* requires stage adapter, see main price-list for model to fit scope