EDU Starter Set

A simplified version of the Delta T System to facilitate demonstrations of live cellular events in a classroom setting. The EDU System is comprised of a universal stage adapter, electronic temperature controller and an 110VAC-12VDC power adapter.  It is intrinsically safe, simple to use, has dedicated temperature selections of 28, 30 37 and 41 degree C and ideal for demonstrations of live biological events such as insect hatching, Yeast budding, mammalian cell interaction, and avain specimen development.


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The Delta T-EDU is a simplified version of the popular Ph.D. level Delta T System. It is designed to enhance the instruction of biology by providing a standardized observation platform already adapted to any microscope along with a set of instructions that make curriculum relevant demonstrations easy to do and provide a cost savings to the educational institution. The Delta T-EDU gives students the opportunity to experience some of the excitement and “wow factor” of observing events that occur in Insect, Yeast, Mammalian, and Avian specimens at the cellular level. Some of the demonstrations that can be accomplished in one lab period are: yeast budding, bacterial invasion and replication, chemically induced reactions of cells, cell to cell interaction, chick embryo heart rate variations, etc. Bioptechs is currently looking to partner with educators to develop additional live-cell demonstration protocols.

Contact Bioptechs if you would like to try a system or suggest a demonstration that you would like to be able to do in your classroom!