Hinged Perfusion Adapter Set (2/set)

An autoclavable pair of stainless steel, 14 gauge needles and perfusion supports specifically designed for Delta T Dishes in Delta T Stages.


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The Bioptechs Hinged Perfusion Adapter is an accessory to the Delta T System that provides users with a convenient and inexpensive method of supporting perfusion needles in the Culture Dish while maintaining low-volume perfusion over cells during long term-experiments. Perfusion adapters are sold in pairs. One hinge and needle is used for irrigation. The other is used for aspiration.

  • The level of media in the dish can be can be maintained without overflow with the use of the Delta T Micro Perfusion Pump*.
  • Additional supports can be added to hold gas jets, pH probes, cooling apparatus, or other items which do not require critical positioning.
  • Needles compatible with 1/16″ tubing
  • User adjustable friction for reliable positioning
  • Repeatable positioning flips out when replacing dishes
    Adjustable pick-up tube to control level of media in dish*
  • Perfusion assembly translates with the stage adapter and dish
  • Eliminates the need for expensive micro-manipulators for low precision positioning

* Bioptechs recommends the use of the Micro Perfusion Pump with the double tubing set for closely regulated micro-perfusion.