The Atmospheric Control Barrier Ring (ACBR) A Pyrex™ ring used around “Dipping” objectives and on top of Delta T Dishes to exclude atmospheric contamination.
(exact dimensions of the objective must be included on the order)


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The Atmospheric Control Barrier Ring (ACBR) is an accessory used to exclude ambient air from the contents of a Delta T Dish when using Water “Dipping” Objectives on Upright Microscopes. The ACBR is made of borosilicate glass, autoclaveable and made specifically to fit the lower lens tube of water “dipping” lenses. It is placed around the barrel of the lens to reduce ambient contamination and evaporation, thereby increasing humidity above the specimen and helping to retain the pH during long-term time-lapse imaging. An intermediate adapter ring is also available that is placed under the ACBR and fastens to the top of the dish to facilitate perfusion and/or the introduction of gas.