Thermal Slide Starter Set

A microscope slide temperature control system for upright microscopes


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The Thermal Slide is a new and convenient method of warming specimens on any upright microscope. It is easy, inexpensive, and does not require any modification to the scope of any kind. You can go back and forth between fixed and warmed live specimens with ease. It provides you with an interchangeable warmed slide surface perfect for yeast, or mammalian specimens under a coverslip. Cells are placed on a disposable, or re-useable, 25mm X 60mm ITO coated slide that is inserted into the Thermal Slide Adapter. Then the Thermal Slide Adapter is placed in the specimen retainer of your microscope. View and translate the specimen just like a standard slide. This is a straight forward approach that eliminates the need to heat the stage and the detrimental effects of warming the stage. The specimen surface is heated by a closed loop feedback controller that reads the temperature of the upper surface of the glass slide and applies the appropriate current to the ITO coated underside of the slide to control the temperature. Great for short term observation of live cells and compatible with all modes of microscopy!


  • Fast and accurate thermal response requires no preheating
  • No modification to scope
  • No stage adapter needed
  • Heat is applied directly to your cells
  • Highly efficient, uses only 2 watts!
  • Reaches target temperature without overshoot
  • Inexpensive

The system is comprised of a single channel controller with digital readout and reference probe, a multi voltage power supply, controller stand, connection cable, thermal slide retainer and 5 thermal slides.

From Left to Right, Controller Stand, Power Supply with Adapters, Controller, Thermal Slide Cord, Thermal Slide Holder, Thermal Slide Glass