Artificial Membrane Adapter

An accessory to the Delta T Dish system that supports Transwell™, Falcon™ or Millipore™ membrane inserts within the focal plane of an objective on an inverted microscope for imaging. Specify brand and model of insert when ordering.


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The Delta T Artificial Membrane Adapter is an accessory to the Delta T Dish that enables cells grown on the basil surface of an artificial membrane to be directly and easily imaged within a Delta T Dish. The Delta T Membrane Adapter is easily adapted to accommodate many of the artificial membrane culturing products on the market. The device shown supports a Costar Transwell™ membrane. The bottom surface of the membrane is observable on an inverted microscope and adjustable in the “Z” axis to bring the membrane into the plane of focus of the objective. Perfusion ports can be used to perfuse the basil surface of the specimen. Both surfaces of the membrane can be perfused separately with the appropriate perfusion tubes attached to the Hinged Perfusion Adapter. The Delta T Artificial Membrane Adapter is reusable and autoclaveable.When ordering this device, Bioptechs requires a sample of the insert to be used.
Note, there is a simple process of growing cells on the basal surface of the membrane so that the cells can be imaged directly through the cover glass bottomed dish.