Objective Controller

The Bioptechs Objective Heater Controller is an electronic system that warms an objective of a microscope to prevent heat loss from the specimen when using immersion lenses for live cell microscopy. The controller uses a proprietary thermal control algorithm to regulate the objective temperature quickly, safely and without overshoot.


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The Controller is specifically designed to slowly heat the objective over a fifteen minute warm-up period then hold the objective at the set point value within 0.2 degrees C. The Controller operates from ambient to 55 degrees C and has special safety circuitry which utilizes a 0.9 degrees C error window to shut down the controller and sound an alarm if, for any reason, the temperature of the objective deviates after it has reached set point. A user calibration test is also built in to the controller.

Notice the temperature distribution in the following locations: nosepiece, bottom of objective, region above heater band, and top of objective. Power consumption after equilibration is 1.3 watts. Unless the entire microscope is warmed (not recomended), the microscope will always act as a heat sink with respect to warming the objective.