FCS Controller

An electronic controller used with the FCS2 chamber to maintain uniform temperature from ambient to 50 degrees C. Comes with 12VDC Power supply.


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The FCS Chamber Controller is designed to precision control the temperature within a FCS2 or FCS3 Chamber.  The FCS Controllers offer many features including:

  • Precision Temperature control algorithym specifically for cell culture
  • Not PID controlled
  • Rapid temper ramping to come to temperature 
  • No overshoot and undershoot of temperature
  • Built in alarm system
  • Intelligent feedback loop system for instant recovery of external variables
  • Extremely energy efficient
  • Operates in 2 modes
    • Rapid Dynamic Control 
    • Imaging mode for clear non-variable images
  • Heat shock capability for rapid temperature ramping
  • Analog readout 

Controller only. Chamber, stage adapter and accessories sold separately or as a starter set.