Flow Chamber Gaskets

40mm Round Silicone gaskets that separate the micro-aqueduct slide from the coverslip to create an optical cavity in the FCS2 and FCS3 Chambers.  Select the internal geometry and thickness that creates the flow characteristics required.


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See below for Gasket information

Custom gasket material, geometry, and thickness’ are available upon request

Standard Silicone FCS2&3 Gasket Set (30/set) – 060319-2-0719 

0.1 mm Thick0.25 mm Thick0.5 mm Thick0.75 mm Thick1.0 mm Thick
(3) 30mm Round(3) 30mm Round(3) 30mm Round(5) 30mm Round w/holes(2) 30mm Round
(2) 14 x 24(2) 14 x 24(2) 14 x 24(2) 14 x 24(1) 14 x 24
 (2) Blank(2) Blank(1) Blank(1) Blank

Custom shapes are available. Simply contact Bioptechs to make arrangements for their production. All dimensions below are in millimeters. Please specify the die number that is located on the gasket drawing below and the thickness of the gasket when ordering. Gaskets are sold 5 gaskets per pack. To properly order the custom gaskets you will provide the following part number and description:Additional gasket shapes –  (5 /pack)

FCS2 Chamber Gasket Guide