Media Volume Reducer

An accessory to the Delta T Dish system whereby the proximity of a second optically flat surface can be adjusted immediately above the specimen in the dish.


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The Media Depth Reducer is an accessory for Delta T Dishes that rest on top of the dish and supports a hollow cylinder with a cover glass bottom that is lowered into the dish displacing the media in the dish immediately above the specimen. This reduces the depth of media above the specimen plane. Reducing this volume may be desirable when the media contributes to background fluorescence providing better contrast to the specimen, often used for yeast.


The Media Depth Reducer is composed of a 0.5mm thick coverglass window mounted in a 22mm diameter stainless steel cylinder, which slides into a Delrin threaded receiver that is adjustable in the Z-axis by rotation of a metal outer ring that rests on the top of the dish.