CO2 Gas Regualtion Valve (Demand Regulator)

Simple demand flow regulator to bring the gas flow rate from tank pressure to on demand flow.


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This new single stage design using balanced valve stem technology is more sensitive than older two stage technologies providing g better performance even with high inlet pressures. This regulator is designed for use with instruments that use a pump to draw the calibration gas into the instrument. The 3950 series demand flow regulator provides the exact amount of calibration gas the instrument pump requires. This simple to use regulator makes calibration quick and easy by eliminating the need for sample bags, flowmeters, or special operator training.


  • Precise delivery of calibration gas required by instrument pump.
  • New single stage balanced valve stem technology.
  • Simple easy to use operation.
  • Various cylinder connections available: C-10, CGA 600, other CGAs.
  • 40 micron inlet filter.


 Model 3951Model 3952
Bodyclear anodized aluminumclear anodized aluminum
Bonnetclear anodized aluminumclear anodized aluminum
Main valve seatViton® and Teflon®Viton® and Teflon®
Inlet pressure gaugestainless steel case with brass socketstainless steel case with brass socket