Stable Z Lab-Tek I & II Warming Adapter

A 127.76mm X 85.48mm glass plate having an electronically heated metal plate in its center that accepts Lab-Tek™ chamber slides and fits microscope stages adapted for 96 well SLAS/SBS plates that does not induce Z axis drift to the specimen plane


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The Stable Z System is an electronic specimen warming device that applies heat exclusively and immediately adjacent to Nunc brand, Lab-Tek™ glass bottomed chamber slide in a manner that does not induce Z-axis drift to the specimen plane. It is comprised of a small electronic controller supported at 45 degrees for easy viewing, a DC adapter power supply, and a stage adapter to fit the microscope. Its temperature range is from ambient to 50 Degrees C and comes with a reference probe to measure the actual temperature in the dish.The Bioptechs Stable Z Specimen Warming System is not just a warming plate based on the traditional “stage warmer” design that is used by other manufacturers. It is unique because in addition to providing peripheral thermal support, it does not induce Z axis thermal drift. This is a feature unique to the Bioptechs Stable “Z” System. It provides the Lab-Tek™ user with an inexpensive, technically superior method of thermal support that provides Z axis stability for high magnification, high numeric aperture, 1, 2, 4, and 8 well applications.

How it works:
The Lab-Tek™ Chamber Slide is placed into a special stage adapter that is thermally regulated by a highly accurate closed loop electronic controller. The heating system has the following characteristics: The physical mass of the heating surface is kept to a minimum to maximize the efficiency of the heat transfer without transferring heat to the microscope stage. The heat transfer plate is insulated from the microscope stage by a ceramic carrier plate that has a near zero coefficient of expansion. The heating plate, the specimen plane, and the support surface for the heating plate are all coplanar and within the nodal plane of the peripheral heater.
All you need to use the Bioptechs Lab-Tek™ Warming System is a microscope equipped with a SBS (Society for Biomolecular Science) now taken over by SLAS (Society for Laboratory Automation Science) plate stage adapter (otherwise known as a 96, 384, or 1536 well plate).


Nunc Lab-Tek™ catalog numbers:

155361 for 1 wells
155380 for 2 wells
155383 for 4 wells
155411 for 8 wells