Culture Dishes

A 35mm diameter, Desag 263 glass coverslip bottomed culture dish that heats the sample in the dish to a precise temperature, or available with no heat capabilities in TPG. Ten (10) dishes per package.


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Delta T™ dishes have 35mm O.D. and a 23mm central aperture. The peripheral region of the dish is tapered to reduce the dead-volume and the height of the dish is 6mm to allow better access for micro-injection and micromanipulation. The dishes are a hybrid of polystyrene plastic and Desag 263 glass. The outer structure of the dish is available in opaque black or clear and come with a clear 0.5mm or No. 1.5 glass coverslip bottom bonded to it. The dishes are also available in a plain glass unheated version. It accommodates a wide variety of specimen types including adherent cells, suspended cells, tissue, and artificial membranes. This system is ideal for multi-user facilities or those that don’t need a flow cell but are undecided about what type of chamber system is required. The Delta T™ has an assortment of convenient accessories that expand its capabilities.  The most often used accessories are the Heated Lid, Coverglass Lid, and Culture Cylinders.  Short of needing a defined flow for perfusion, the Delta T™ is the most convenient, accurate, means of micro-environmental control for a microscope.

Advantages of Bioptechs Delta T Culture Dishes

Thermographic image of Delta T dish at mammalian temperature