Interchangeable Coverglass Dish

The Interchangeable Coverglass Dish (ICD) is a reusable coverglass bottom culture dish that is fully autoclavable that decreases the cost of experiments from bulk purchasing culture dishes to only the cost of a coverslip. Available in both 35mm and 40mm sizes.


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The Interchangeable Coverslip Dish has a silicone o-ring built into an autoclavable, polycarbonate tube to ensure a leak proof seal without having to over-tighten the cylinder. The polycarbonate tube design ensures that no metals will come in contact with the media. The dish will use 30mm diameter, #1.5 thickness, low alkaline, Desag 263 coverslips, optimized for cell culture growth. The base is made of stainless steel. The polycarbonate tube height can be anything from a minimum of 10mm to a maximum of 100mm. The standard height is  10mm. Therefore, it can be used as both an interchangeable coverslip dish or a settling chamber. The dish can be sterilized by an alcohol rinse or, if needed, the dish is fully autoclavable.


If your specimen needs warming the best way to achieve physiological temperature for the ICD is a peripheral warmer. The most technologically advanced, efficient, and cost effective way to warm an ICD is the Bioptechs Stable Z Warmer. The Stable Z combines traditional peripheral temperature support with a patent applied for, Z axis stable, temperature transfer technique that also has many advantages over the traditional “stage warmer” approach.

Finally a glass bottomed culture dish that only costs pennies per experiment!
The Bioptechs Interchangeable Coverslip Dish (ICD) is a way to reduce the cost of using glass bottomed dishes and  has many other advantages over pre-made glass bottomed dishes.

  • Separate coverglass enables the user to pretreat or condition the coverslip if necessary
  • 25mm clear aperture for more translation room for large high N.A. objectives
  • Accessories available for fluid perfusion and a 2nd optical surface above the cells
  • No metal components have contact with the specimen or media
  • The threaded tube can be made any height for special applications
  • All parts are autoclaveable. Therefore, you can control sterility
  • Significantly reduced Z axis drift as compared to plastic
  • Metal base transfers heat from peripheral warmers
  • 30mm German Desag glass ideal for cell culture
  • O-ring sealed for positively preventing leaks
  • Low cost coverslip replacement
  • Fits any 35mm dish warmer
  • Easy to assemble

Never have to buy culture dishes again