Delta T Coverglass Lid

An accessory to the Delta T Dish that applies an optically flat glass surface to the air to medium interface in the dish to provide consistency in the contrast of sequential images of cells.


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The Coverglass Lid is an accessory to the Delta T Culture Dish System that is used when using transmitted, contrast enhancing modes of microscopy. It creates an optical surface above the specimen in the dish thereby preventing fluid motion at the air to liquid interface above the cells that causes the contrast of the image to change from image to image. Therefore, when acquiring a series of images in a contrast enhancing mode of microscopy, all images in the series will have a uniform contrast. 

The Coverglass Lid fits loosely on the Delta T Culture Dish and supports a 0.5mm x 22mm coverglass in the center of the field 2.5mm above the specimen. The Coverglass Lid is reusable and helps the Delta T bridge the gap between an open dish and a closed system environment. The Coverglass Lid is made of 304 stainless steel, is autoclaveable, and available with or without perfusion. The Cover-glass Lid and/or the Heated Lid are nearly essential for multi-user facilities.