Interchangable Coverslip Dish Heated Lid


An o-ring sealed stainless steel insert equipped with a heated glass window to prevent condensation and atmospherically seal an ICD, includes a gas flow port and allows trans-illumination on an inverted microscope.

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The Bioptechs ICD Heated Lid is an accessory for the Interchangeable Coverslip Dish (ICD) which enables the user to atmospherically seal an ICD, provide a gas, such as CO², over the surface of the media in the ICD, prevent condensation from forming, and allow trans-illumination on an inverted microscope. It is autoclavable, reusable and powered by a 2.5 volt source from either a battery or the auxiliary power supply. The lid is available with gas perfusion only, or with gas and media perfusion.

The ICD Heated Lid comes with a power supply, a controller to adjust the temperature of the of the heated lid, two additional o-rings, and temperature dots. The temperature dots turn green only at 37°C, which allows you to initially set the heated lid to the proper temperature.



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